Fabled Bled

Oh, how I tried to resist.

But to no avail. That tiny island in the middle of the lake with the quaint church is just so darned scenic! No matter the angle, it just begged to have its picture taken, and I succumbed. Over and over. But look, it’s so different from this angle. I swear!

Apart from being a giant gift to Slovenia’s tourism and postcard industry, Bled is a beautiful town in its own right, both the center of romantic lakeside walks and the ideal base for all sorts of adventure sports, from white water rafting to rock climbing.

My brother and I opted for the adventure sports, and went mountain biking. Did we know that this involved a crazy guide and biking straight up the mountain for starters? Then down. Then back UP. Then down. Then back…you get the point. And so did we: it took us a few days to walk normally afterward. Ah, but such beautiful mountain scenery.

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KimOctober 29th, 2009 at 2:51 pm


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